btw, I said “yes”


Since it is Friday, and St. Patrick’s day (which has very little to do with this story) I thought I would share a little #flashbackfriday from this day last year. March 17th, 2016.

It started out like any other Thursday, I slept until noon (cut me some slack, I was a college senior with class from 3pm-7pm) and the only thing that was getting me through that night class was knowing that my roommates and I were going out that night, better yet we were going to Pittsburgh!

Side note: I went to school about an hour away from Pittsburgh, and if you know anything about IUP you know that most people refer to it as it’s alter ego “I Usually Party”. That being said, IUPatty’s (the Thursday-Sunday of St. Patrick’s day weekend) is one of the biggest party times of the year, and people come from all over the state for this weekend long celebration. Well, being seniors and having already done this for 3 years now, my roomies and I wanted to do something different for at least one night…

So they decided we should go to Pittsburgh for the night, and of course I was totally for it! After my night class, I changed my clothes and 10 minutes later we were out the door. Jess and Janelle (my roommates & bffs) wanted to stop at Mt. Washington before we headed to the bar because they had never seen it at night. I had been there multiple times, but it is such a beautiful sight that I had no problem making a pit stop before getting the night started.

Mount Washington, Pittsburgh

There are many different platforms you can walk out on to see the view, so I just went to the one that I always go to. Jess and Janelle just kind of stood behind me while I walked out, which was totally weird to me because I had already been here plenty of times and they are the ones who wanted to go there (I guess that is when the picture above was taken). Then Jess says “I want to walk down to the next platform to see the view from there.” I was getting a little irritated because it was 30 degrees outside and the view from all the platforms are pretty much the same. But whatever, we walked down to the next one.

I walked out onto the platform, Jess and Janelle were behind me and when I looked up, I saw four of my best friends from home and my sister turn around one by one, each holding a sign that read: “Imrelle” “will” “you” “marry” “me”, then Michael walked straight down the middle. I obviously bawled my eyes out, I ran away at first because I could not quite grasp what was going on, and to top it off I was yelling “oh my fu*king god!” (Michael was probably shitting his pants). When I finally got it (barely) together he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and all 10 of us celebrated by going to a bar in Southside and then having a huge slumber party back at my apartment!

That night was filled with love, and laughing and being around the people who I love most. It was so special to know that all my friends were willing and able to travel 4 hours away from our hometown just to do this for me and Michael. It was honestly a perfect night, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.




Everyone back at my apartment after the exciting night!


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