I’d like you to meet..

I wanted to do something a little different and introduce you all the most important people in my life. These are the people I am with most often; and I think it will make writing posts easier if I can write a name rather than writing “my brother” for example, since I have two. Now you’ll be able to check back here so you can put a face to a name.

Had to mention my baby. She is mine and Michael’s three month old American Bulldog/ Pit Bull mix. She is our first pet and she is perfect.



 My fiancé. We’ve been together since our freshman year of high school, we went to college together and now we’re engaged and getting married next year! He will be mentioned frequently.




My best friend in the entire world. We were actually in the same kindergarten class and were best friends, but I moved away to another school in the area. Then we ended up going to the same college and meeting up again. We lived together for two years. Also, we think we are Kim + Kourtney Kardashian.. no lie.


My grandma. This is my dad’s mom and she is honestly the most wonderful woman in the world. I would not be anything, anything without the help, love and support from this woman.



Mom + Dad



I have 3 sisters & 2 brothers. Some of us have the same mom & some of us have the same dad. I am the only child my mom & dad had together.


One of my very best friends! She was also my other roommate in college along with Jess. Thankfully for me, she is from my hometown so I can see her beautiful face everyday!


The Crew

Most of us have been friends since middle school.

Angela, Jt, Jess, Mason, Jaylynn, Terrell, Me + Michael
Terrell, Mason, Michael, Jt, Jaylynn, Me + Angela
Terrell, Mason, Michael, Jt, Jaylynn, Me + Angela
Michael, Jt, Tony, Jaylynn, Terrell, Angela, Mason + Me


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  1. Imrelle this is sooo freaking cute & I feel more then special to be considered an important person in your life ! Love you besh 💕


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