Thrifted Thursdays|#2

Home Edition!!

Hey all, since we just moved into our new house, I thought it would be a fun twist to show all of the thrifted/second-hand pieces I found for our room. The last Thrifted Thursday  I did was obviously a style post, so if that’s more your thing go check it out!

Anyway, back to thrifting 101. One thing to keep in mind at the thrift store is to look everywhere!! Look in the home and furniture sections, look in all of the clothes sections and even look in the linen section. You never know where you could find a new treasure, even if you’re not looking for one.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be patient. I didn’t go out and find all of these things in one day. We were waiting for our house to be built for months; so every Saturday my Mema and I would go yard sale-ing and antiquing.  Now I’m not saying you have to go out every weekend to find hat is something we enjoy

Vase: Salvation Army- $2 | Basket: Volunteers of America- $.49 | Glass Jar: Salvation Army- $1 | Woven Basket: Yard Sale- $2
Glass Box: Salvation Army- $1 | Pepper Jar: Community Aid- $2 + Candle DIY| Ceramic Jar: Goodwill- $2.50| Wicker Basket: Goodwill- $.99 for a set of 2
Artwork: Salvation Army- $4 | Papasan Chair: Yard Sale- $20 | 60s End Table: Yard Sale- $15
Large Basket: Community Aid- $3 | Rattan Chair: Salvation Army- $6
Rattan Shelf: Habitat for Humanity Restore- $1 | Copper Planter: Goodwill- $.049

Well that’s my room, in all of it’s thrifted glory! I hope you enjoyed, and let me know if you liked this thrifted Thursday although it didn’t have to do with fashion.

Talk to ya lataa!

Xoxo, Imrelle


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