Our Engagement Pictures

Hello everyone! So I’m super excited about today’s post.. and it’s something I have been waiting to share with you all.. our engagement photos!

Last month, we flew out to Indiana to visit my mom and some family for a few days and while we there, I knew I wanted us to get our photos done! One of my mom’s friends does photography on the side as a hobby, and her photos are beautiful.. so my mom had her in mind the whole time. I also really wanted to get our photos done out there because all of the photo spots would obviously be different from places around where we live.

There were two spots in particular I needed for us to stop at. My family lives basically on Lake Michigan (the beach is literally 5 minutes away), so I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to have beach pictures taken. Since, unfortunately there aren’t too many beaches in Central Pennsylvania.

The other place (which is my personal favorite) was an abandoned brewery. My sister got some of here senior pictures here, and my mom showed me this place last summer and I’ve known since then that we needed to get our engagement pictures done there. It’s industrial and overgrown and perfectly goes with our wedding! It was actually quite an adventure taking pictures here. Around the perimeter was no problem, but they actually block off the entrance, for safety reasons of course. That didn’t stop us! We not only went in the part they blocked off, but Michael also found a door that was kicked down so we could actually go INSDE the building! It was honestly so cool, however it was really dark in there so we didn’t get a lot of pictures in there.

We stopped at places along the way as well.. if we saw a pretty field, or a cool building we would pull over and take some pics. It was super informal, which made it really fun! It was a very long day though, we were out for hours and actually had to cut it short because Sheri (our photographer) ran out of room on her SD card, which had never happened to her before!

So I’ll stop rambling now.. and get to the reason you’re all here.. the pictures!

But before I do that, check out Sheri’s Photography Page

Outfit 1: Top: Target | Jeans: American Eagle | Mules: Ninewest (obviously a fav of mine.. also worn here & here ) | Earrings: Target (so old) | Bracelet: Fossil

Outfit 2: Romper: Abercrombie & Fitch


Just to show how cool the inside of the brewery was! That staircase led to know where..



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