Getting Our Christmas Tree


Hi! So we’re just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t posted in like over a month .. and we’re going to jump into holiday!

This is going to be a super short post! I really just wanted to start off the holiday season on my blog the way a lot of people do in their home, by getting our tree! I have actually never had a real Christmas tree. Ever. Since this is the first year in our new house, we thought we should get a real one.. and that’s just what we did!

Michael used to go cut down trees every year with his family, so he was obviously a pro at this! I had no idea what I was doing but I grabbed a saw and the hunt was on!

We found a tree we liked, cut that little guy down and that was pretty much it! Honestly, the farm was a little picked over and a lot of the good trees were already tagged but overall it was a great day! And the tree farm we went to was actually really cute.. they had a fire pit, hot cocoa, little photo stands and they even had little “Charlie brown” Christmas Trees! It was the perfect way to start the Christmas season!




Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset



That’s really it for this post! Just wanted to check in, and share my first real Christmas tree experience with you all! Don’t worry though, there is a lot (& I mean a lot) more holiday content to come! So make sure you are following me to be notified when I post something new.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you all next time!

xoxo, Imrelle


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