How I Decorate For Christmas

Good morning! Today I wanted to share some of the ways we decorate our house for the holidays! I’m just going to focus on a few select elements, rather than a whole room or the entire house, so I can elaborate what exactly I use and where things are from etc.

My bedroom:

I love adding little Christmasy touches to my bedroom, since this is where I spend most of my time, I think it makes sense to be surrounded by the cosiness of the holiday!


Candles are part of my bedroom decor at all times, however during the holiday season I up my candles from 2-3 to literally 8-9 (not dramatic at all). My candles are almost always from Bath & Body Works or Homegoods/Tj Maxx/ Marshalls, however I had to try out a candle from the Hearth & Hand collection! I also always add a little Christmas tree with fairy lights! I don’t think you can have proper Christmas decor without a little tree! This one specifically is from Christmas Tree Shops and I wrapped the bottom with twine to make it look a little more expensive.



This little set up what I have on my bed side table. The candle is of course from Bath & Body Works and I made the star out of sticks and hot glue and then wrapped yarn around the ends to give a more finished look. In the jar, I combined different artificial florals from Joann’s and the Dollar Tree. I also added frosted looking berries (Dollar Tree) and sticks I already had.





I keep this ladder in my room all year round to hold our throws. It is actually a bunkbed ladder that I got it at a yard sale for $5. I took the hooks off, sanded and re-stained and it’s perfect! I thought it would make the perfect spot to hold our stockings this year! We each actually have two stockings. We have the family stockings (literally everyone in my family has one, including the two dogs) and then we have our stockings for each other. These are from Target. I got mine a few years ago after Christmas when Target has all decor like 90% off. They have similar ones in the store this season, but they don’t have the pompoms. I also wanted to update Michael’s stocking (before this he had a Steelers one that he’s has since our first Christmas together in 10th grade!) I was really excited to see the mini stockings as well and had to grab one for Kona! It looks so cute with all three of them together. Oh and don’t worry, she has a bigger stocking that will get filled. This one is just for show lol!
The little pompom garland that I strung on the ladder I actually made. I’m not sure how I feel about it though, I might end up taking it down. I don’t think it really adds anything special.

Living Space:


I filled this pitcher with more festive florals, just like the ones I used in my bedroom. I added more pinecones and touches of red in this one because I think it looks much more festive. The actual pitcher is vintage. My Mema found it in at an old elementary school she used to work at.

We have two wood stoves in our house, one upstairs and one down. They are actually the originals that were here when my grandpa lived here, they kept them after they flipped the house. We like to keep the ones upstairs very simple. We have 4 crocks, all in varying sizes. The larger ones were also my grandpa’s and they hold wood and sticks for the stove. Both the smaller ones are thrifted. In the one above I used a natural looking tree that I also got from a thrift store ($1).


This is our coffee table in our living area. The table runner is from the Bullseye section at Target. I got it for our dining table, but we have a 6ft farmhouse table so it was a little short. The galvanized holder is one of my favorite favorite things I’ve ever thrifted. I just threw some scented pinecones in there and boom! Instant decor, and it makes the room smell great!



This ladder is quite smaller than the one I keep in my room. I found this one at an Antique mall for only $7, not bad when you compare it to the price of ones in stores these days. Since it is too small to hold throws, we use it for seasonal decor.


Well, that’s really everything! I know it wasn’t like a full house tour but I thought just showing you snippets that I really love would be best! I hope this inspired some of you or gave you some fresh ideas!


Thanks for reading & I’ll see ya Tuesday!





  1. Love the ladders!! I have been looking for one for the livingroom and cant find one.. all the ones I have found online are super expensive!!!❤❤


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