Simple Gift Wrapping |Easy & Inexpensive


Good Morning Everyone and happy Tuesday! I feel like December is just flying right on by and I’m slowly getting all of my shopping done! Today’s post is actually really fun for me because wrapping presents is honestly one of my favorite parts of the gift giving experience. Obviously, Christmas isn’t just about presents. However, if you’re going give presents to your loved ones, why not make them look just as beautiful as the soul you are gifting them too?

I’m sharing five different wrapping techniques today. The best thing about these wrapping ideas is that they are super easy and very very inexpensive. They have tons of cute wrapping papers, decorative boxes, bows, etc. out there but honestly, once you buy those things for all the gifts you have the cost can really add up! The supplies I’ll be using can be bought in bulk (for very inexpensive) and used for gift giving all season long!



The first gift wrapping idea is probably the simplest and honestly it is my favorite of the five. I just used kraft paper I got from the Dollar Tree. Then I just wrapped a piece of jute twine around the gift and added a piece of Fir from our Christmas tree. I think the stamp gives the gift a perfect finishing touch, and it was only a dollar from the bullseye section of Target!

*Tips: Get your kraft paper and your twine at the Dollar Tree. These are not Christmas specific items and the dollar store carries them all year round. Check the postage section for the kraft paper, it is higher quality and there is more per roll. Check the automotive section for the twine. I got a three roll pack and one of the rolls were green, which we will be using for the next gift.


This idea is very similar to the last one, however, I use white gift wrap and green twine, both from the dollar store. The sprig of pine and the pinecone are actually a floral pick that I also got from the dollar store. It had red Styrofoam berries on it, but I took those off because I wanted to keep it as simple and clean as possible.



If you have any kind of bottle to wrap, this will be your new go-to! It is my favorite way to wrap all wine bottles. Bottles, especially wine bottles, are one of those gifts that no matter how you wrap it the receiver will always know what it is. You can buy those bottle gift bags and gift boxes, which are super cute, but my point is they don’t hid what the actual present is. I love this technique because it is kind of like two gifts in one! I am usually giving wine to all of the ladies in my life so I love using something that can be a gift on its own. For this bottle specifically I used a kitchen towel. This one is from the Bullseye section at Target (obviously my favorite spot), it was only $3 and it came with 2! I love the versatility in this technique. You could use a scarf, or a flour sack depending on the size of the bottle and the personality of the person you are gifting it too!

I wrapped the top of the bottle with some more twine and added a piece of eucalyptus that I already had. I also think Rosemary would be a pretty herb to add to any of these gifts!



Another gift wrapped in kraft paper? What can I say, it’s a classic. This time however, I took it up a notch! I precut a piece of paper and stamped on these little trees! I actually made a potato stamp (i just watch a youtube video on how to make this) because I couldn’t find any tree stamps I really loved! Plus, I didn’t want to spend a fortune and I already had a potato lol. After my paper dried I wrapped my gift as normal and tied it up with some red yarn that I already had. Simple, easy, yet so so cute!




This is by far the easiest and probably cheapest of the options! I found these paper bags at the dollar tree. They have the regular kraft paper color, red, green and a navy blue. All of which I think work perfect for Christmas depending on your theme. What is great about these bags are you get a 2 pack for only a dollar (or they have a smaller size & you can get three for $1).

I added an ornament, that I also got from the dollar store, as a gift topper and I think it adds the perfect amount of personality! It dresses the gift up a bit and whoever you’re giving this too can use it as an ornament if they want! I just used tissue paper I had on hand, but that is something you can also get at the dollar store!


As you can see it is not hard at all and doesn’t take much to make your gifts look beautiful. You can obviously tell I love the Dollar Tree, and I love taking the frugal approach. Especially during the holidays when we’re spending money on gifts and charities and what not. I really do hope this gave you some new ideas or at least inspired you to try something new this year when it comes to wrapping gifts!

Thanks for reading and make sure you are following me so you are notified every time I post something new! I have 2-3 posts a week coming until Christmas & you don’t want to miss them!

Talk to you guys next time!

xoxo, Imrelle




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